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Happy Gut Happy Human?

Patrick Simpson

If you’re innovating in the microbiome and looking for Seed funding in the next couple of years then we’d love to talk to you!

20 years ago no one was talking about the gut microbiome, in the last 10 years it’s really gathered momentum. The science is fascinating and a patent landscape (500 granted in 2022, adding to the 1,700 from prior years) for gut microbiome is starting to emerge. A recent (albeit small) study showed two amazing correlations between our gut health and our mental health:

  • GREATER emotional suppression = LOWER diversity in microbiome 🤯
  • HAPPIER people = LOWER levels of Firmicutes CAG 94 & Ruminococcaceae D16 bacterium (and vice versa)

At SHUFL we’re excited about the transformative impact that an increasing understanding of the microbiome will transform both physical and mental healthcare. We’re looking into the potential for:

  1. Personalised medicines, diets, supplements – based on individuals unique gut flora (e.g. @zoe)
  2. Microbiome diagnostics – what the gut can tell us about disease or pre-disease conditions from cancer to autoimmune to brain health
  3. Microbiome therapeutics – interventions that seek to change the microbiome for the better. (e.g. @myota)

Sources: “Gut feelings: associations of emotions and emotion regulation with the gut microbiome in women.” Psychological medicine


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