We provide financial and intellectual capital to help you grow your business.

It’s your business, we never forget that.

We won’t tell you how to do your job but we will help you to grow professionally as your business grows. We help clear the path; we help connect you to what you need; and we provide you with the growth capital to push on.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is a triangulation of three evaluations: Character, Idea and Difference.

SHUFL Investment Philosophy

Character : We define character as “passion and resilience” and we prioritise the assessment of a team’s character over everything else.

Idea : Ideas change the world. We back ideas that are innovative and powerful enough to have the potential to impact everyone, everywhere.

Difference : We invest in business models that are or can be differentiated. Businesses where you have or can build a moat around your world-changing idea.

Investment Programmes

SHUFL Accelerator Fund

The Accelerator is our evergreen ultra-early-stage incubator.  The purpose of the SHUFL Accelerator is to get you from concept / pre-seed safely through your Seed round and on their way. At that point, our work is done. We have a simple rule – our job is to help you get the proof points in place for a successful seed funding round before you run out of money. That may mean raising further pre-seed money along the way, but the rule holds true throughout. Once you are into seed stage, the options for VC funding multiply dramatically and the funding risk starts to reduce for you. It is the highest risk phase of VC investing but it can be very rewarding in every sense.

If you have developed a fantastic concept and made some decent strides towards proving it out, but are someway short of being able to raise capital from seed stage VC funds then the Accelerator may be the right solution for you.

SHUFL Happiness Fund

You’ve achieved a revenue run rate of £1m+, you have loyal customers and know what to do to win in your marketplace. You need more capital to invest into the growth opportunities that you can see. We can invest up to £2m with plenty of dry powder for follow on from our Growth Fund.

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