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At SHUFL we Invest in Happiness, as a SHUFL Investor you too could be an Investor in Happiness. If you’re interested in investing in SHUFL Capital’s latest fund then we’d love to hear from you.

Our unique investment thesis will give investors access to a portfolio of 12-15 companies who are innovating in the Sleep, Health, Fitness and Leisure sectors and who are led by founders on a mission to transform the way we live our lives and improve global happiness. Qualifying investors will also benefit from the tax reliefs associated with EIS investments.

Investment Mandate

The genesis of our thesis begins from our time in B2B tech-enabled services. In the B2B world, the fundamental relationship between you and your customer is one of conflict. Both businesses in the relationship are profit-motivated and, whilst it is always possible and preferable for the relationship to produce a more than a net zero sum outcome, the nature of the relationship is one where each side are trying to get a bit more from the other.

Having spent a long time being successful at “getting a bit more” in B2B, we wanted a change. We wanted to be involved in businesses that could only be described as indisputably good for the customer. We want to focus on making people happier.

Our investment mandate for Fund 1 is:

1 . Sleep, Health, Fitness and Leisure sectors

2 . Seed stage

3 . UK Companies (EIS qualifying)

Investment Thesis

  • The propositions of better sleep, improved health and fitness, and more enjoyable leisure time will never go out of fashion. These are enduring and ever-growing markets.

  • The SHUFL sectoral balance is both cyclical and counter-cyclical.

    • When times are tough people will still want, and will prioritise cash for, better sleep and improved health outcomes.

    • When times are good, people will additionally look for fitness and leisure solutions to spend their money on.

  • The experience of our team in building and running businesses, creating value for sponsors and shareholders, and developing outstanding brands and cultures means that we can provide the right sponsorship and support to founders right along the maturity spectrum. Pre-seed through to scale – we have the know-how and playbook.

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