Investment Mandate

The genesis of our thesis begins from our time in B2B tech-enabled services. In the B2B world, the fundamental relationship between you and your customer is one of conflict. Both businesses in the relationship are profit-motivated and, whilst it is always possible and preferable for the relationship to produce a more than a net zero sum outcome, the nature of the relationship is one where each side are trying to get a bit more from the other.

Having spent a long time being successful at “getting a bit more” in B2B, we wanted a change. We wanted to be involved in businesses that could only be described as indisputably good for the customer. We want to focus on making people happier.

Our investment mandate:

1 . Sleep, Health, Fitness and Leisure sectors

2 . Early-stage businesses from pre-seed to Series A

3 . B2C focus

4 . UK focus with opportunistic approach to USA

Investment Thesis

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