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“The availability of the team always impresses me… the support we get on financial modelling is phenomenal and something I massively appreciate as it gives us confidence when presenting numbers to prospective investors. SHUFL also has fantastic “brand equity” as an investor in Aleck and we often get asked about it as people spot it on LinkedIn. This has certainly helped when raising money and giving people the confidence to invest themselves.”

Stephen Catterson
Founder, Aleck

“Rare to meet true investors who understand early stage technology. Every interaction with SHUFL is met with understanding, intelligence and pragmatism. Their experience and advice is invaluable at every level. They are aligned with the same ethics, vision and passion and are not only looking at the ROI but the deeper impact technology & products can have to society as a whole.”

Nicholas Rose
Founder, NiteShyft

“There are two main things for me. Firstly the level of skill and expertise all the team has (Simon, Richard and Sam in our case) and their ability to support our planning with creative thinking, strategic focus and forensic analysis of facts and figures in order to develop a more robust and commercially viable entity. We grew up when SHUFL came on board.”

Sam Watts
Founder, Sleep Well


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