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The Science of Happiness

Patrick Simpson

At SHUFL we Invest in Happiness. So what does that mean and what’s the relationship to wellness?

Happiness is an outcome, arguably one of the most universal goals of societies and communities that cuts across all manner of physical and virtual borders. The way we think about it is that the greater an individuals wellbeing the greater propensity they have for happiness and it is their overall wellness that predicts their wellbeing.

There are physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental aspects of wellbeing that all play into this. There are actions that can be taken at an individual, community, company or government levels that can affect each of these aspects.

Our investment thesis reflects both the growing demand for happiness as well as the innovation that is happening that is unlocking the aspects that contribute to happiness for more and more people. We’re not interested in the fads and snake oil but the companies that have a strong scientific or evidential basis for the value they create for their customers. Our analysis of 16,000 rounds of fundraising for UK companies in our sectors showed that this strong scientific basis was a strong (2x!) predictor of success compared with some other metrics.

With our four investment themes — Sleep, Health, Fitness, and Leisure — we are on a journey to transform lives and enhance well-being by backing fast growing, innovative businesses.

  1. Sleep – Sleep is a superpower for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is the ultimate daily repair function, yet countless individuals suffer from poor sleep with inadequate solutions at their disposal. At SHUFL we are investing in innovative companies like NiteShyft and SleepWell that are redefining the future of sleep.
  2. Health – Our investment in health revolves around both preventative and curative solutions. We’re proud to support pioneering ventures like Caprica and Fisher Wallace that are revolutionising the healthcare landscape, providing individuals with a proactive approach to their well-being.
  3. Fitness – We can unlocking our full potential by improving a mental and physical fitness. Through investments in Asensei and Proviz, we’re empowering individuals to take their fitness journey to new heights, harnessing cutting-edge technologies and personalised approaches.
  4. Leisure – Offers a path to improving social, intellectual, and environmental well-being. We strive to redefine the way consumers spend their time and money, promoting solutions and experiences that leave a positive and lasting impact. Aleck, Reliked, Uniti, and Coral are just a few examples of the remarkable companies we’re proud to support in this endeavour

Learn more about our thesis at SHUFLcapital.com/invest


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